Core SWX Client Spotlight

We are the most recent client spotlight over at Core SWX, who make the V-Lock batteries that we use for our Red Camera set-ups. Check it out as we answer some questions about how we started and what we're working on, as well as a little info on what's to come!

Electronic Arts Battlefield Films 

We were a runner up in the Electronic Arts "Battlefield Films Challenge". For the challenge, we produced a short, Battlefield-inspired film which was featured on the Electronic Arts website. The short film was loved by many, and although we didn't secure the top spot - we were more than happy to entertain the 100,000+ people who enjoyed it online.

Channel 7 News

Some of our time-lapses showing Mike Eleven at work - a renowned graffiti artist in Melbourne, were featured on the 4pm and 7pm Channel 7 News. Mike was creating a variety of murals for the opening of the Sage Hotel in Ringwood, Victoria.